All your tail spend
on just 1 monthly

Self-service payment portal to process & pay all your unmanaged spend.


Reduce hundreds of invoices to just one consolidated invoice a month.


No more setting up non-preferred vendors, while retaining full control & insight.


Request and authorize a payment. Choose virtual card or bank transfer. We take care of the rest.

Tail spend is costing you time and money.

Let’s face it. You are experiencing:


Invoice overload. Processing a flood of invoices every month


Ad hoc vendor hassle. Having to set up vendors even for one purchase


Lack of spending control. It’s impossible to authorize every single purchase


Lack of spending transparency. Tracking and reporting on tail spend can feel like a black box


Constant time pressure. Countless wasted hours just to get invoices paid on time


Frustrated colleagues. Complex purchasing procedures with non-preferred vendors.

On average, our clients save
72% on their tail spend.

Let us help you tame your tail spend

80% of all your incoming invoices represent just 20% of your entire spend. This leads to potentially thousands of incoming invoices, untracked and often unauthorized. Every year.

Let’s turn this around:

  • Procurement: Get a digital paper trail and authorization of every single transaction

  • Finance: Authorize & automatically process every purchase

  • Employees: Purchase whatever you need. Effortlessly and always compliant.

  • Vendors: Always get paid on time.

Start within
not months.

Fixed fee, guaranteed ROI

No more processing countless invoices and setting up ad hoc vendors. That saves a lot of time, every month.

For a fixed fee per invoice.
No hidden costs.

More insights, less invoices

Receive just one consolidated invoice a month. Choose to authorize any purchase and get a complete paper trail.

Finally obtain full control of your tail spend.

Pay & process on autopilot

Request a payment by virtual card or bank transfer with our Unified Payflow™. Vendors always get paid on time.

It's like having an extra colleague, working for you 24/7.

Here's what you get

  • Custom implementation: Tailored to your needs with the information you want

  • One full service vendor: Replacing all ad hoc vendor set-up & maintenance

  • One monthly invoice: Consolidated & data-enriched

  • Unified Payflow™: Select virtual card or bank transfer per purchase

  • Dedidated support team: Tasked to maximize your ROI on tail spend

Start managing your unmanaged spend.
It's finally possible.

Tame your tail spend

Here's a 2 minute demo from our founder to get you started: